FM Wasahp Pro V8

Tired of the same, boring, outdated, theme? Or perhaps that stiff and proper font WhatsApp has. No matter the complaint of yours, FM WhatsApp is able to deal with it.

With choices as wallpapers and interface, fonts and even change the user interface. With this particular type of customizing options, you are able to design your FM WhatsApp the way you need, and the very best thing? It is all free.


Why is FMWhatsApp banned?

FM WhatsApp is actually a modded version of the popular chatting app, WhatsApp. It provides options and features that the first app does not have.

Where can I download FMWhatsApp?

There are many links available all over the internet in which you are able to download this since it is not on the AppStore of your designated device. Because it is a modded version of an app, you’ll just have the ability to find it on the web like from SX Projects.


Indeed, things that are simple could be boring sometimes even in case they do the job just fine. There is nothing the matter with using some mods, but just be cautious of the chances of being hindered by WhatsApp.

Do you think you’re prepared to risk mods to enjoy your messaging experience? Then download the APKs now. Allow me to know what you think about the brand new app of yours in the box below.

When you have a smartphone device, then you may be using WhatsApp on it. In this digital era, nearly everyone uses a smartphone device and also the number of WhatsApp users among them is quite high. Based on latest reports of 2020, there tend to be more than 1.5 billion monthly active users of WhatsApp around the globe.

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