Popular Shares Buy-Up Pre-Financed Guarantees

Indicated an interest in buying $200,000 of our shares in this offering at the joint public offering price per common share and associated Series C warrant and on the same terms as the other purchasers in this offering.

However, since expressions of interest are not contractual obligations or promises to purchase, such directors are not obliged to purchase those securities and may purchase more, less or no securities in this offering. These shares shall be subject to the same placement charge as all other securities offered to the general public through this bid.

The NYSE Americans have convertible notes with the AMEX ZOM at https://www.webull.com/quote/amex-zom symbol. On 12 May 2020, our common shares in the NYSE American had a last reported trading rates of $0.269 per share. For the Series C bonds or the pre-financed bonds, there is no existing public trading market and we expect a market to grow not.

AMEX ZOM’are not planning to apply to stock exchanges or any other globally recognised trading mechanism to list series C warrants or pre-financed warrants. The liquidity of series C guarantees and pre-funded warrants would be reduced without the need for an efficient trading environment.

For investors outside the US: We have not and has not taken steps to allow for this prospectus to be offered or held or circulated in any jurisdiction where action is appropriate for that end, other than in the United States. Investors outside the United States: Persons outside the U.S. who come into possession of this prospectus shall advise and comply with all prohibitions on the sale of and delivery of the shares protected hereby outside the U.S. A citizen in Canada or an individual or business in Canada may not receive this bid. See “Repayment Plan”.

Commitments reached

The prospectus includes the summaries of some clauses of certain of the documents mentioned herein, but for full detail reference is made to the individual documents. The complete text of the original records, any of which have been or may be filed and included by reference herein, qualifies for all summaries. In this brochure, please see Where You Can Find More Information. We further remember that all representations, promises or commitments reached by us in any arrangement that is offered as a show to any document contained in this prospectus have been made for the sole advantage of the parties to such an agreement, even in a few calls.

Trade names AMEX ZOM, service marks or trade-marks, meaning that no other firms have a partnership, endorsement or sponsorship with us. The respective owners are owned by other patents, trademarks and marks of use in the present prospectus and the papers contained herein and elsewhere. You can also check other stocks like nyse ipof-ws at https://www.webull.com/quote/nyse-ipof-ws before investing.

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